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Gene Keys Synthesis Deck


This Deck is designed as a contemplation tool to deepen our connection to the Gene Keys Transmission for enhanced education, exploration, and experimentation with the 64 universal archetypes represented. There are many ways to use this deck in your own life, whether drawing a random card like a traditional oracle deck or laying out the specific gene keys from your Hologenetic Profile. And yet, true insight only arises from within each individual, so take this journey lightly, and discover your own unique path!

Co-created by Gene Keys Ambassadors Elijah Parker and Amma Li Grace

Use these cards:

  • As an “Oracle” to answer a divinatory question or a random card for Daily Contemplation
  • As a Study/Reference for Learning the Gene Keys
  • Lay out your unique Hologenetic Profile for journeying the Golden Path
  • Discover insightful connections hidden between the Keys

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