community of life as art (2011-2022)

Tucked away in Portlandia, Oregon is a secret gem of magic and mystery. I was blessed to call this Sanctuary of Life as Art to be my home, my community, and my temple for 11 years. I played music beside the koi dancing in the swimming pool turned into sacred lotus permaculture pond. I created light sound domes, both on the land and out in faraway deserts and festivals around the world, opening hearts and minds to a feeling of wonder (one-door). We created Portals, using art and music as our medicine, connecting community centers through the serious-silly alchemy of our live event experiences. Artists, musicians, and tea monks filtered in and out of this temple, mixing our skills together in a syner-genius stew. We performed at festivals, ran immersive retreats, and lived as a community of creative rebels. We grew food, drank tea, and learned how to be humans together. We walked the Gene Keys Golden Path together, and led many more on their own inner adventures. We laughed, we cried, we played, we prayed. OneDoorLand taught me that Magic is Real. And I am grateful for the gifts this community, this land, and the wild magical people who I encountered there. May all beings be free to live their Life as Art