Friends of Petal

A message to all friends of Petal…

Last month, our amazing feline friend Petal was attacked by an animal. She managed to escape and bring herself home, but we found her severely injured. After rushing her to the amazing folks at the Tualatin Emergency Vet, we had a heart wrenching week of watching her go through a huge initiation. Petal was unable to move three of her legs and had brain damage. For several days we were told there was little chance of her being able to walk fully, and we were preparing to have to let her go.

We asked dear Petal that if she wanted to stay here with us on Earth, we were so happy to provide for her in the best way. And if it was her time to go, we would love her and sing her praises through the transition process.

All around the world, friends of petal sent amazing blessings her way. And it seems Petal wasn’t done with this body just yet…

It has been truly miraculous to see Petal’s recovery over these last few weeks. She is running, climbing on the roof, and even hunting again! She has been through a lot, and as we all know the healing journey leaves us transformed. But her wisdom, and her sweet sweet love continues to radiate from her.

We didn’t want to publicly say too much until we knew what her recovery would be like. We know she has a fan club all over the world! But we are so elated to say THANK YOU to the prayers and well wishes from the friends of Petal. It worked 🙂

Petal still has some healing to do, and the process has not been cheap. This is a simple and humble request for any Friends of Petal who feel called to donate a small amount to her healing. We know there are many crises around the world right now, and we are all navigating challenge as best we can. But if you have been touched by the light and love of this little beauty, and feel called to offer even a few dollars, we appreciate all of the support.

Funds raised will go to support Petal’s continued healing, and to give a special thank you gift back to the Tulatin Emergency Vets who helped bring Petal back from the edge.

Thank you again for your well wishes to our sweet feline friend. It has been a roller coaster to experience the ups and downs of her healing journey. It feels genuinely miraculous to watch her now, and keep shining that bright light of love and wisdom into our world at a time when we surely need it.

To all of the Friends of Petal, we send our love! Mew!

If you have a different form of payment (cash, crypto, venmo, etc) feel free to contact or Thank you!